Thursday, February 24, 2011

Getting the worm

I had a small revelation last Friday.

Typically, I sleep until around 7:15, which had been creeping along to 7:30 and sometimes even 7:40. Last Friday, I had to attend a workshop at a hotel roughly 40 minutes away -- and registration and breakfast was scheduled for 7:30. Argh.

I was dreading this rude adjustment to my comfy sched, which was increasingly frequently excluding a shower - a) for lack of time, b) lack of desire to wash, and c) the water pressure stinks in the morning.

To make it easier, I (cleverly) set the timer on my coffee maker for 6:30 to help ease the grumpiness that I knew would ensue. The heady scent of the morning coffee and the promise it held would surely motivate me to get out of bed at that unearthly hour.

And a new addiction was born.

Yes, the coffee worked! That soft burbling sound made me even a bit cheerful! And in M3I's fabulous vault-like travel mug, the stuff stayed warm - in the freezing cold car - even until after the workshop!

Plus, the water pressure in the shower is fab. Who knew a shower could be so wonderful?

So all this week (well, not Family Day Monday, obvs), I've been getting up early, getting to work early (lawd, it's busy at werk), having time to match my jewelry properly to my outfit. And, today, since I'm not going in early cuz I take Charlie to choir on Thursdays, I'm sipping my coffee and blogging.

I wonder if it's part of the decluttering trend? Feels like it a bit. We'll see. But it feels good!

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  1. Well, I don't drink coffee but I've been up before dawn this year (usually a later riser.. comparatively). My kids do an early morning class from 6.30am. But it's good having that extra time to get stuff done.

    P.S. Am still working on the inspiration you gave to de-clutter. It's a slow process, though. Painfully slow. If I could just send my family away for a fortnight...