Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snow snow snow snow snow

I'm just going to come right out and say it, I love-love-LOVE winter! It flies in the face of popular opinion, especially on this rather cold day, but I have nice warm boots, thick red wool socks, a big fat warm coat - and an energetic son who's quite game to go out sliding on the school hill today.

By the way, the hill at Charlie's school (which we can see from the living room window) is in fabulous shape! Not too icy, not too bumpy, and no dirt or grass poking through. It is, however, -18C (= Zero Farenheit). But we mostly covered our faces and had on hats and hoods.

We also went skating at the arena - I'm basically forcing Charlie to go cuz he need to learn to skate. He's quite resistant, but eventually had a good skate, without help, all around the rink. No holding onto the wall either!

The title of this post, Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow makes me think of this lovely song from that rather tacky movie, White Christmas. Little known fact: the slightly weird black-and-white movie Holiday Inn was actually the first movie that featured the song, White Christmas; it wasn't the now popular colour sequel. And the Holiday Inn chain was named for the film.

Just to be contrary, here's a summery photo from my mom's backyard.

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