Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My best new year's resolution

... is one that I've actually kept. I'm thumbing my nose at the bus and its wretched wonky schedule - you know, the one where three buses zoom by while I'm climbing up the hill, and then none come by for 20 minutes.

The walking is making me happy - plain and simple. I just hate waiting, and the walk gets rid of a major irritant. Plus it puts me in a good mood, both on the way to work and home.

My next NY's resolution? Which I started working on last night (turns out it's going to take awhile to achieve)? Clean off the dining room table each night. (See #5 on Princess Nebraska's list - that's where I got the idea.)

The three of us sit at the big table with the leaf in it, which inspires us to collect very important stuff down at the far end. To begin my efforts in clearing it off last night, my eyeballs immediately went to M3I's stuff. But I forced myself to see what was really there and found that at least 65% of what's stacked there is, heh-heh, mine.

For tonight, I've got my letter opener at the ready, since a whole bunch of it is mail. I'm going to put all the junk mail in a bag, and then I'm going to burn it. There's so much stuff in the shredder, we'll have to get Hydro to increase our unit's power to shred it all.


  1. I'm doing this one too! It makes me so happy to walk into the kitchen (where our dining takes place) and see a clean table. The whole day starts off better.

  2. Gah. I know what you mean about buses, may as well do something productive and start walking, rather than standing around waiting right?

    Thanks for stopping by my lil old blog :) :) :)