Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dumb but happy

This was a case of doing something boneheaded (actually a couple of things, but one big thing) and very soon after, feeling very happy. I just went out to Shoppers to buy milk, eggs, chocolate, hand cream, Smarties, Klennex, toilet paper, and - hurray, they're back - o.b. tampons!

The first boneheaded thing I did was drive there without turning on the car lights. The control thingie for the lights on the Fit just isn't as intuitive as it was on the Sundance, and I just keep forgetting. (The Fit is a wonderful car, but I still miss my old Sundance, which was great in many many ways, like, for instance, there was a lit-up ring around the ignition. Smart, right? The Fit doesn't have this, and it's annoying.)

The second thing? As I was picking up my bags to leave, at the checkout, the cashier reminded me, "the eggs are in that one!", and I said, "Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me I bought eggs--CRASH!!" I dropped the bag with the eggs. And oh yes, they all broke. The cashier grabbed the bag from the floor and extracted the mess of eggs so quickly none even leaked on my nice nylon bag. I said, I'll be right back, went to the far aisle, got more eggs, and lined up again. "Oh no, no, you don't have to pay for them!" My sweet cashier said. She looks over at the fellow cashier who was wrapping the mess up in a plastic bag (which they also didn't charge me for), and he says, no if she already paid for them, she doesn't have to pay again."

How nice! I have to say the staff at that Shoppers is just the nicest - always has been, and we've been going there for over 10 years.

Plus I was already happy because all week I've been looking and looking for o.b. tampons and nobody has them and there are no freaking applicatorless alternatives in the regular drug stores. But this Shoppers has them. In case you're wondering.

In other news, Charlie and I spent some time early this afternoon trying to figure out what would be a good outing - should we go to Goodwill? The AGO? The ROM (tho he went yesterday with M3I)? Charlie came up with what turned out to be the best plan: sliding down the hill at his school. Tho he and M3I had already been out doing the same thing for a couple of hours this morning, he was game for the same. Lordy it was so fun, and I think because it was so cold, we had the hill to ourselves most of the time we were out there.

PS: He's been into colour lately. And working the entire space.

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  1. Dude, if you can get that excited about O.B. tampons then you should try the diva cup.

    And I can't believe I even typed that, but I'm saying, it's no less icky.