Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dream a little dream

Last night I dreamt I had to be put into a nursing home - temporarily. I know I've remarked in the past that hearing about people's dreams is usually a giant snore, I'll continue my hypocrisy with this.

My room in the nursing home was mostly taken up with a tall bed with brocade curtains and "festooned*" with lux cushions, soft lighting, and an assortment of refreshments, including potato chips, gin and tonic, vanilla hazelnut coffee, and chocolate chip cookies.

The bed looked a lot like the one above (found it on istock, obvs) - the fabrics were gold and red.

My stern instructions from the nursing staff who gingerly led me into the room, was that my doctor had already contacted my employer, and that I was to take to this room and rest, until further notice. And they'd prefer if I began my stay with a nap.

Seriously, I really dreamt this. Told to sleep while sleeping.

I climbed into the bed -- ooh it was warm and glorious -- and melted into the cushions.

And our alarm clock -- in real life -- went off. Fortunately, we wake up to a Mozart requiem CD, or I swear I would've become violent.

*I'm compelled to say "festooned".

1 comment:

  1. Blah. Waking up is just not fair. I like "festooned". I think I would like to be festooned myself.