Friday, January 28, 2011

Golden slumbers - redux

My brain and spirit this morning are both still in bed, glorious bed.

I wasn't so rudely awoken today. Instead, Charlie called out at, oh, about 7:20, so I called to him to crawl in with us. He occasionally does this, which is nice except he's a major-league wiggle worm.

This morning, however, he instantly fell asleep, curled up against my back, his hand on my side.

Ooooooh, sweet bliss!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dream a little dream

Last night I dreamt I had to be put into a nursing home - temporarily. I know I've remarked in the past that hearing about people's dreams is usually a giant snore, I'll continue my hypocrisy with this.

My room in the nursing home was mostly taken up with a tall bed with brocade curtains and "festooned*" with lux cushions, soft lighting, and an assortment of refreshments, including potato chips, gin and tonic, vanilla hazelnut coffee, and chocolate chip cookies.

The bed looked a lot like the one above (found it on istock, obvs) - the fabrics were gold and red.

My stern instructions from the nursing staff who gingerly led me into the room, was that my doctor had already contacted my employer, and that I was to take to this room and rest, until further notice. And they'd prefer if I began my stay with a nap.

Seriously, I really dreamt this. Told to sleep while sleeping.

I climbed into the bed -- ooh it was warm and glorious -- and melted into the cushions.

And our alarm clock -- in real life -- went off. Fortunately, we wake up to a Mozart requiem CD, or I swear I would've become violent.

*I'm compelled to say "festooned".

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My best new year's resolution

... is one that I've actually kept. I'm thumbing my nose at the bus and its wretched wonky schedule - you know, the one where three buses zoom by while I'm climbing up the hill, and then none come by for 20 minutes.

The walking is making me happy - plain and simple. I just hate waiting, and the walk gets rid of a major irritant. Plus it puts me in a good mood, both on the way to work and home.

My next NY's resolution? Which I started working on last night (turns out it's going to take awhile to achieve)? Clean off the dining room table each night. (See #5 on Princess Nebraska's list - that's where I got the idea.)

The three of us sit at the big table with the leaf in it, which inspires us to collect very important stuff down at the far end. To begin my efforts in clearing it off last night, my eyeballs immediately went to M3I's stuff. But I forced myself to see what was really there and found that at least 65% of what's stacked there is, heh-heh, mine.

For tonight, I've got my letter opener at the ready, since a whole bunch of it is mail. I'm going to put all the junk mail in a bag, and then I'm going to burn it. There's so much stuff in the shredder, we'll have to get Hydro to increase our unit's power to shred it all.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snow snow snow snow snow

I'm just going to come right out and say it, I love-love-LOVE winter! It flies in the face of popular opinion, especially on this rather cold day, but I have nice warm boots, thick red wool socks, a big fat warm coat - and an energetic son who's quite game to go out sliding on the school hill today.

By the way, the hill at Charlie's school (which we can see from the living room window) is in fabulous shape! Not too icy, not too bumpy, and no dirt or grass poking through. It is, however, -18C (= Zero Farenheit). But we mostly covered our faces and had on hats and hoods.

We also went skating at the arena - I'm basically forcing Charlie to go cuz he need to learn to skate. He's quite resistant, but eventually had a good skate, without help, all around the rink. No holding onto the wall either!

The title of this post, Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow makes me think of this lovely song from that rather tacky movie, White Christmas. Little known fact: the slightly weird black-and-white movie Holiday Inn was actually the first movie that featured the song, White Christmas; it wasn't the now popular colour sequel. And the Holiday Inn chain was named for the film.

Just to be contrary, here's a summery photo from my mom's backyard.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dumb but happy

This was a case of doing something boneheaded (actually a couple of things, but one big thing) and very soon after, feeling very happy. I just went out to Shoppers to buy milk, eggs, chocolate, hand cream, Smarties, Klennex, toilet paper, and - hurray, they're back - o.b. tampons!

The first boneheaded thing I did was drive there without turning on the car lights. The control thingie for the lights on the Fit just isn't as intuitive as it was on the Sundance, and I just keep forgetting. (The Fit is a wonderful car, but I still miss my old Sundance, which was great in many many ways, like, for instance, there was a lit-up ring around the ignition. Smart, right? The Fit doesn't have this, and it's annoying.)

The second thing? As I was picking up my bags to leave, at the checkout, the cashier reminded me, "the eggs are in that one!", and I said, "Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me I bought eggs--CRASH!!" I dropped the bag with the eggs. And oh yes, they all broke. The cashier grabbed the bag from the floor and extracted the mess of eggs so quickly none even leaked on my nice nylon bag. I said, I'll be right back, went to the far aisle, got more eggs, and lined up again. "Oh no, no, you don't have to pay for them!" My sweet cashier said. She looks over at the fellow cashier who was wrapping the mess up in a plastic bag (which they also didn't charge me for), and he says, no if she already paid for them, she doesn't have to pay again."

How nice! I have to say the staff at that Shoppers is just the nicest - always has been, and we've been going there for over 10 years.

Plus I was already happy because all week I've been looking and looking for o.b. tampons and nobody has them and there are no freaking applicatorless alternatives in the regular drug stores. But this Shoppers has them. In case you're wondering.

In other news, Charlie and I spent some time early this afternoon trying to figure out what would be a good outing - should we go to Goodwill? The AGO? The ROM (tho he went yesterday with M3I)? Charlie came up with what turned out to be the best plan: sliding down the hill at his school. Tho he and M3I had already been out doing the same thing for a couple of hours this morning, he was game for the same. Lordy it was so fun, and I think because it was so cold, we had the hill to ourselves most of the time we were out there.

PS: He's been into colour lately. And working the entire space.