Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Home sick watching the snow, reading letters, with a side of good ol' MTM

Monday morning I woke up very surprised to find I was sick. And here I be on Wednesday afternoon, still sick with a feverless version of what Charlie endured last week. I've been able to do at least 3/4 of a day's work from home, which has made me happy to produce more than just phlegm (what a wonderfully descriptive word, eh?).

I've also amused myself by sleeping and reading a big thick filefolder filled with letters received almost two decades ago, from a dear friend, written about her adventures living overseas.

The other cool thing I'm doing while I eat lunch (will dill havarti and keilbasa cure the common cold or just increase my BMI?) is watching the first season of the old Mary Tyler Moore Show. What great writing! What wonderful characters - they're still just fabulous. I still LOOOVVVEE Rhoda, and Mary is absolutely adorable and funny. The very first strains of the music made me weep with joy. During my multitudinous single years living alone, the very idea of this show cheered me up. And Mary's apartment? OMG! Sweet perfection.

One of my most favourite blogs in the entire world (wide web), Hooked On Houses, one time featured Mary's apartment in Minneapolis - do click and enjoy.

Photo is taken from Hooked On Houses.

AND, oh no, that's not all - click for photos from Julia's magical blog featuring inside The Actual House.

The opening from the first season:

In later seasons the lyrics changed from "You might just make it on your own" to "You're gonna"! Lovely, no?

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