Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Young women: do not marry Charlie Sheen

I was reading in the paper today that Charlie Sheen and his third wife are both filing for divorce. Is it not fantastic (not fantastic as in "great", obv) that any young woman out there woulda been ignorant of this fellow's slimey, sticky, icky history?

The day after the very first time I met M3I, I googled him. Smart, right? He was a cute, intriguing guy and had just an unusual enough name that I was able to do a satisfactory reference check.

This is a plea to any young woman (or women, I'm afraid) who, in the future, is the recipient of a marriage proposal from Charlie Sheen, to do a simple google search. Among the hits, you'll quickly find such gems as,

"In 1990, Sheen accidentally shot his then-fiancee, Kelly Preston, in the arm, after which she ended the relationship." "Charged with misdemeanor battery against his ex-girlfriend Brittany Ashland." "Arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman at his home in Agoura, CA. The woman claims she was pushed to the floor and knocked out." "Was arrested on domestic violence charges, including for second-degree assault, menacing and criminal mischief."

Okay? Not a catch. Stop marrying this guy.


  1. You need to place this as an ad in a high-circulation paper or tabloid! :) He creeps me out completely.

  2. I agree - how does he keep getting women to marry him? And how come he's not in jail?