Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Twitter can be damn nasty

Last night I felt considerable despair about humanity in North America. The cause? Twitter.

Not wanting to be left behind by all the young and social-media savvy new staff members we've recently hired, I opened up my very own twitter account. I was given the opportunity to run my "tweets" on our company's home page and I wanted to be on it.

Naturally, I'm "following" a number of feminist thingies (posters, tweeters, peeps, dunno what we're all called in twitterville). Someone started up a hashtag called #Ihadanabortion, hoping to inspire women to come out of the shaming tent and collectively reduce the stigma and admit their past procedure.

The nastiness that filled my twitter page was horrible and violent and extreme. No, I'm not going to quote any of it.

If I was ever in a situation where I needed and wanted an abortion, I sure as hell want it to be my decision, and not that of the haters on twitter. Who the hell are you to decide what's best for me, especially with something so important?

You know, pro-choice isn't about advocating that every pregnant women should have one. It's about being able to get it legally, early, and safely.

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