Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Quite the set of in-laws

D'ya ever just thank your lucky stars that you have the husband you do, the parents you do and the in-laws you do? Today, I'm extra thankful that I'm not a member of, nor am I marrying into, the Royal Family.

Prince Charles' reaction to his son's engagement: He's thrilled, and then he says, "They've been practising long enough."

Er, what? Practicing? Practicing what?

Then he says, "It makes me feel very old."

You know, Chuck, it's not really about you.


Camilla, who I've actually kinda liked, says, "It's wicked." She's at Wicked, the play.

Moving on.

The Queen, Prince William's gramma, says, "It is brilliant news. It has taken them a very long time."

And that's a bad thing? A good thing?

Come on royal folks, y'all can surely do better than that. Especially since you've apparently had so very long to prepare your remarks.

And now, this from Kate Middleton's father, just a *gulp* commoner (he read this, btw):

'Carole and I are absolutely delighted by today's announcement and thrilled at the prospect of a wedding some time next year.'

'As you know Catherine and Prince William have been going out together for quite a number of years which has been great for us because we have got to know William very well. We all think he is wonderful and we are extremely fond of him.'

'They make a lovely couple, they are great fun to be with, and we've had a lot of laughs together.'

There! Lovely. Charming. Well done.

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  1. Oh boy, they're gonna be on a tea towel.

    How come I can't be on a tea towel?

    I think we should all get 15 minutes on a tea towel.

    Cuz they're very absorbent...