Thursday, November 25, 2010

Meta, meta, meta physical?

We all know I'm in my late 40s. But I've rarely in my life felt old (at least not recently - at my horrible job two years ago, I felt like a granny with cobwebs all over me). Today in a meeting my blood ran cold - there were 7 elements I had to write for a new project, rush-rush, of course, but one item was to come up with a meta description for a website.

So I asked the all-young (I realize now) folks around the meeting table, "what's a meta description?" (Btw, I know what meta tags are, so there.)

Ogod, the looks I got were what gave me the deadly chill. Apparently everyone knows what a wretched meta description is, except those who are obviously over 40. The project lead, to her cheerful youthful credit, merely explained.

Made me realize my blog doesn't have one.

Hey, one actually shows up, despite my not knowing what I was doing when I put it there: Nicht alles, was zählt, kann gezählt werden, und nicht alles, was zählt, kann gezählt werden.


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