Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just another day at the science lab

This morning, Charlie and M3I did a rather photogenic experiment - creating layers of liquids.

They poured five different liquids into a cleaned-out old peanut butter jar: water, cooking oil, corn syrup, rubbing alcohol, and glycerine. Once the liquids settled into their glorious layers, Charlie dropped in a little cork, a penny, a little piece of paper, and an eraser.

Check it out!

It's an experiment from a kit called Soakin' Science.

Life in this lab of ours is fun. I'm never sure what they'll be doing next. Last night, I came home and they'd rigged up a Rube Goldberg-type device that sent a magnetic dart sailing into Charlie's white board.

We've also got a tornado in a two-pop-bottle contraption, which M3I built a long while back. We've got a little hammer and safety goggles set up outside for Charlie to break open interesting rocks and search for fossils. And if I were to check out my computer's history, I'd likely find pages for NOAA Hurricane Center and, on Youtube, "The Universe" (followed by the Barenaked Ladies singing the theme to the Big Bang Theory).

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  1. This Jar thing is so neat! I want to try this as soon as possible!