Thursday, November 4, 2010

Always on the cutting edge

What happens when you blog in a great big rush at work? You come home, reread what you wrote, and see that it makes no sense. So I've given today's posting a little edit.

Apparently, I'm trendy because I don't shower every day. I'm hip and now and I'm trending. So you can't say it's laziness, or the Cipralex making me extra shivery in the morning, or the Frances McDormand thing (in that movie) about not wanting to wash cuz of menopause, it's because I'm on the cutting edge. The fact is, I always have been.

I was a singleton when it was trendy (and before it was trendy). I became an "older mom" at the same time as fellow oldies Helen Hunt and Courtney Cox.

And now, by not showering every day, I've joined the trendy unwashed. Think of all the shampoo that's not going down the drain. Check out this bit from the weekend NY Times.

PS: I DO wash. I just don't shower all the time like I used to, eh.

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