Friday, October 22, 2010

Ugly and beautiful

On my walk home tonight (just from the subway - no need to get excited) I was thinking about beauty and ugliness. And I made two lists.

Stuff that's most rotten: the photos the Toronto Star thought should be published this week, a co-worker who behaved like a total hypocrite, someone else who made fun of my lunch cuz it was just a heated up frozen Smart Ones (which, FYI, was really good: lasagna florentine)

Stuff that's most beautiful: Charlie (apparently a girl at school thinks so too - and told him!), the weather, the smell of the leaves in the air, the delicious Chablis I got to try at work today (tasted of olives, pepper, dill: delicious), the fact that it looks like a used book store (OMG!!!) is opening nearby and inspired a really nice conversation with a woman who was also trying to peer in the store's window, the fact that Charlie and M3I are discussing the Universe right now, and, I have to say, my hair's looking rather gorgeous at the moment as well.

Okay, there's even more: look at the moon! It just came out, and it's shining on the clouds. Very spooky looking! And beautiful, in fact.

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  1. Okay, I'm putting it in my banner. Feeling very moony.