Thursday, October 28, 2010

Taking the subway. Wish I was on my bike.

Dear Rob Ford,

Since you claim to like subways so much, could you earmark some cash to get the brakes fixed on the trains? Please? Before you slash the city budget into the stone age? And before my hearing is destroyed and my nerves shot? Cuz gawd, they're loud. The brakes, not my nerves.

PS: I am "following" the Twitter group (are they called groups?) called "Dear Rob Ford". It'd be funnier if we didn't feel the need to express ourselves. We're afraid.

I'm mourning cycling right now (yes, Rob Ford, lots of people in the city like cycling. On the roads. In the city). I've reinjured both of my hands to the point where it hurts to twist a doorknob or pick up a two-litre carton of milk. My bike's ergonomic beauty makeover worked very well all summer, but then I tried a new route that had a long, steep downhill through a park, which meant I had to lean on my poor hands whilst squeezing the brakes for too long. The accupuncture I've had a few times from my physio seems to help, but I need more and it's just getting too expensive.


Not riding means I'm spending a lot of time on the subway. I've done away with taking the bus to the subway because one thing that happens when you spend delightful months and months of years and years riding through the city is you get used to not waiting for stuff like the bus and then the subway. The walking is lovely though - I love this time of year! It's so very Hallowe'enish and the leaves smell so good.

Sure be nice to ride though.

Back to Rob Ford. I see that a lot of people who don't like him are calling him "fat", etc. I think it's stupid and mean - but not only that, it's bloody pointless. Watch, he'll go do W8 Watchers (and really, what a great program, I admit). He's still going to be the same person with the same policies. Okay? That fat-hating B.S. is not going to help anybody. It just makes you look like a jerk.


  1. I had a supervisor at work once (no longer!) who truly believed that everyone hated her because she was fat. She then lost 130 lbs. and nothing changed. I don't know what my point is - maybe don't hate Rob Ford because he's fat, hate him because he's an arrogant, loud-mouthed moron.

  2. That's exactly right - I don't care how much he weighs - he's going to do damage to the city even if he loses weight and runs a marathon (tho he wouldn't run on the streets cuz they're for cars donthcaknow).