Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How useful is buying a whole bunch of pink?

All the breast cancer awareness stuff that's for sale this month is freaking me out and making me sad. Buying pink things in stores to "raise awareness" is a crock. Never mind that I already feel plenty aware of the existence of that dreaded disease. Due to familial and friendial health conditions, I'm also aware of diabetes, hemocromatosis, strokes, Huntington's Disease (a tragically underfunded disease that also lacks broad "awareness"), advanced dementia, hypertension, thyroid (hypoactive and hyperactive), kidney disease, depression, panic attacks, paranoia, obesity, pineal gland tumours, and that's just off the top.

My advice? Pick a cause that's dear to your heart -- it doesn't even have to be a disease! (for example, the Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund sends kids to camp) and then as often as you can afford, give a bunch of money to it. And don't waste your money on pink crapola.

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  1. Totally agree. My 10-year-old was looking at the newspaper this morning and said 'Mum, how does having the front of the paper pink actually help women with breast cancer?'. Indeed.