Monday, September 27, 2010

I have feelings, dammit

I have feelings about - and opinions on - oh-so-very-many things, but I just haven't felt like blogging lately - at least past the point I get off my bike. I blog a lot (in my head, natch) while I ride to and from work.

Which leads me to my hands - they're in really good shape, thanks to my bicycle's beauty ergonomic makeover, courtesy of Bicycles@StClair - an awesome bike shop.

Okay, here's a quick burst of some of the opinions I've been witholding:

> Justin Bieber - lordy I hope this kid makes it through all this okay. Death threats when someone disses him? The web is a weird and sometimes not so wonderful thing.

> Rob Ford - I think we in this city need to take a good look and figure out why this guy is so popular - that'd be a lot more productive than making fun of him. I agree he's an easy target, but there's a good chance he's gonna win, folks.

> Joe Pantalone - Why the heck isn't he a lot more popular? He's adorable, he's never once embarrassed himself, he's an awesome lefty, and he'd be the new Tiny Perfect Mayor successor to David Crombie!

> Bike lanes - the more the merrier. War on the car? Don't make me laugh. When the 401 is crowded with 26 lanes of bicycles? Then we'll talk about the war on the car.

> The Segway inventor fellow's untimely death - I'm ashamed at my emotional reaction to this.

> Tina Fey - I'm disappointed and upset by 30 Rock's season opener rape joke. Doing bits like this is easy and cheap and disappointing and upsetting. Rape victims don't need any extra triggers.

> Tina Fey - I do love her, and I'm chuffed that both she and I know that an egg is 2 points on W8 Watchers. But, T.F., please mind my comment above. Thx.

> Michaƫlle Jean - I love her and wish Ratface had extended her term.

> Tony Blair being alluded to as on the left by CBC radio a few minutes ago - I'd agree that he's ever-so-slightly to the left of George W. Bush and (the ever popular) Attila the Hun.

> President's Choice Blue Menu Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Kettle Cooked Potato Chips - Yum-O-Rama!

> My son, newly missing his front upper tooth (that's tooth #5 gone!) - he is a shoe-in for cutest child in the history of the universe!

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