Tuesday, May 25, 2010


On the weekend, while we were walking along the Rideau River (CHECK), Charlie wanted to know, "seriously", he said, "does a tree feel it over here (touching the tree's bark), when you squeeze this leaf over here?" We told him we didn't think so. He wasn't satisfied.

In other Charlie news, he and M3I found an unexploded firework in the playing field near the school yesterday. The only proper thing to do was to wait until way after bedtime when it was good and dark and light the thing. It turned out to be a screamer with a big bang. Scared the bejezuz out of the nearby dogs, and me, and delighted the boy to no end.

In totally non-Charlie news, Michael Bryant's charges were dropped! Holy smokes! I was wondering what had happened to that case. Good ol' Navigator earned its pennies well, keeping the story way, way out of the media until it popped up again with a rather pleasing result for Mr. Bryant. Sounds like it was a fair judgement and a terrifying incident, but I still don't properly know what to think. I still don't like the explanation of Bryant accelerating forward and hitting Shepard. His car stalled, then lurched forward that far? Hmmm. One staggeringly sad note in the story, that should be a story in and of itself: As a child, Shepard had been "seized by child welfare and placed with his brother David in a staggering 30 foster homes before being adopted". What the hell is wrong with the child welfare system? How is anybody supposed to thrive in such a messed up existence?

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