Thursday, May 6, 2010

Joan Rivers said it best

Thursday mornings our local paper has a section on home improvement. Today's lead story is all about building a "man cave", called "A king and his MAN CAVE".

The photo caption: "A Calgary businessman, who travels to Toronto one week a month, turned a 680-square-foot condo... into the perfect Man Cave. The conversion costs him $150,000."


The article goes on: "Anyone remember tree houses, forts, the He Man Woman Haters Club from The Little Rascals...?"

And suggests: "Perhaps it's an offshoot of the clubhouse concept of childhood." Ya think?

Then the piece goes on and one to suggest the Man Cave satifies men's apparent need to escape. Actually, wait a sec, what do they need to escape from exactly? (And isn't that what the bathroom is for?)

Forts, Little Rascals, Women Haters Club. Are they trying to escape from actually being a MAN?

Oh, grow up!


  1. You are so right what do they need to escape from or rather to? I think that many simple want the safety of childhood. We become their mothers and just as they wanted escape from Mommy now they want to escape from us.

  2. Hey easy on the fella. You don't have to be a "woman hater" to want to escape from your wife. Particularly if she is a little over-analytical.