Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fashion terms that set my teeth on edge

I'm a magazine reader from way back; I'll pretty much read anything that's in front of me, including fashion rags. Obviously, this trend has extended to blogs. For a spell there, I was reading too much (farming too much as well). While I've broken the obsessive habit (by reading books again), I like to dip in in a controlled way now and again. I can't read too much fashion though, because it soon starts to sound just too ludicrous.

I've been making mental notes on the fashion items and terms that grate on my nerves; now here are some written ones:

- "Ts" instead of T-shirts

- Various fashion folks claiming that they wear a "trench" (rather than trench coat, but wait, that's not my whole gripe), they wear a "trench" as a dress or jacket, now get this: to work! I'm sorry, but if I wore a trench coat as a dress in the office, I'd be hooted out, or mocked mercilessly and asked repeatedly if I'd started a new career as a flasher. I also think it's pretty rich to describe a trench coat as "sexy" (how I detest the ubiquity of that word.)

- I'm also just sick to death of photos of high heels every-every-everywhere. The shoes that are so "hot" right now are Ugly.

- "Boyfriend shirts", "boyfriend jeans", "boyfriend sweaters". Jayzuz! Why can't we just call a plaid shirt a plaid shirt? Or a V-neck sweater that isn't skin tight just a V-neck sweater?

- Skinny jeans - cuz they look so bad. And not in a good way.

Ok. I'm done. For now.


  1. Que bonito esta tu blog
    Visita el mio y deja tu comentario

  2. And what are your thoughts on the singular 'pant' for a pair of trousers? 'This season's pant is ...', for example. I find it both hilarious and aggravating beyond belief.