Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fashion terms that set my teeth on edge

I'm a magazine reader from way back; I'll pretty much read anything that's in front of me, including fashion rags. Obviously, this trend has extended to blogs. For a spell there, I was reading too much (farming too much as well). While I've broken the obsessive habit (by reading books again), I like to dip in in a controlled way now and again. I can't read too much fashion though, because it soon starts to sound just too ludicrous.

I've been making mental notes on the fashion items and terms that grate on my nerves; now here are some written ones:

- "Ts" instead of T-shirts

- Various fashion folks claiming that they wear a "trench" (rather than trench coat, but wait, that's not my whole gripe), they wear a "trench" as a dress or jacket, now get this: to work! I'm sorry, but if I wore a trench coat as a dress in the office, I'd be hooted out, or mocked mercilessly and asked repeatedly if I'd started a new career as a flasher. I also think it's pretty rich to describe a trench coat as "sexy" (how I detest the ubiquity of that word.)

- I'm also just sick to death of photos of high heels every-every-everywhere. The shoes that are so "hot" right now are Ugly.

- "Boyfriend shirts", "boyfriend jeans", "boyfriend sweaters". Jayzuz! Why can't we just call a plaid shirt a plaid shirt? Or a V-neck sweater that isn't skin tight just a V-neck sweater?

- Skinny jeans - cuz they look so bad. And not in a good way.

Ok. I'm done. For now.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


On the weekend, while we were walking along the Rideau River (CHECK), Charlie wanted to know, "seriously", he said, "does a tree feel it over here (touching the tree's bark), when you squeeze this leaf over here?" We told him we didn't think so. He wasn't satisfied.

In other Charlie news, he and M3I found an unexploded firework in the playing field near the school yesterday. The only proper thing to do was to wait until way after bedtime when it was good and dark and light the thing. It turned out to be a screamer with a big bang. Scared the bejezuz out of the nearby dogs, and me, and delighted the boy to no end.

In totally non-Charlie news, Michael Bryant's charges were dropped! Holy smokes! I was wondering what had happened to that case. Good ol' Navigator earned its pennies well, keeping the story way, way out of the media until it popped up again with a rather pleasing result for Mr. Bryant. Sounds like it was a fair judgement and a terrifying incident, but I still don't properly know what to think. I still don't like the explanation of Bryant accelerating forward and hitting Shepard. His car stalled, then lurched forward that far? Hmmm. One staggeringly sad note in the story, that should be a story in and of itself: As a child, Shepard had been "seized by child welfare and placed with his brother David in a staggering 30 foster homes before being adopted". What the hell is wrong with the child welfare system? How is anybody supposed to thrive in such a messed up existence?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Joan Rivers said it best

Thursday mornings our local paper has a section on home improvement. Today's lead story is all about building a "man cave", called "A king and his MAN CAVE".

The photo caption: "A Calgary businessman, who travels to Toronto one week a month, turned a 680-square-foot condo... into the perfect Man Cave. The conversion costs him $150,000."


The article goes on: "Anyone remember tree houses, forts, the He Man Woman Haters Club from The Little Rascals...?"

And suggests: "Perhaps it's an offshoot of the clubhouse concept of childhood." Ya think?

Then the piece goes on and one to suggest the Man Cave satifies men's apparent need to escape. Actually, wait a sec, what do they need to escape from exactly? (And isn't that what the bathroom is for?)

Forts, Little Rascals, Women Haters Club. Are they trying to escape from actually being a MAN?

Oh, grow up!