Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'll just finish my nursery barn and then I'll stop

I am one blue watering can short of a yard. And that is a problem.

Yesterday, I had to finish building the nursery barn - I just needed 4 more nails, dammit - and then I was going to stop. A good idea, since I was building it in bloody Farm Vi11e. And not even on my own "farm", it's on my dad's. Which I started so I could send myself gifts for things like nursery barns and yards.

I didn't stop. I opened up a "farm" on M3I's facebook account. And then, because I needed piles of fertilizer and blue watering cans, I created "pets" on both my dad's and M3I's accounts.

Lord love me, but I'm addicted to these cursed games. I'm pretty good about it at work, just harvesting and planting at lunchtime. But for someone (me, in this case; my blog, so whenever I refer to "someone" it's pretty much always me) who has ongoing hand and wrist problems, the amount of what-should-be-free time is way too much wasted sitting in front of the computer clicking away with the mouse.

I'd be better off watching Dora or the infernal Backyardigans on tv. At least my hands would be at rest. My physioT says one of the most dangerous things you can do to your body is work at a desk. That combined with my cycling injury and naturally stiff wrists means I should not spend even one extra minute using the mouse. Even Charlie has almost completely lost interest in these dumb, yet oddly satisfying, compulsion-inducing games.

I feel like I have my overeating under control now, and it feels good.

Next up: the farms.

(PS: Isn't the one with all the lavender pretty?)


  1. Can't you just keep yours? K.

  2. That would probably be a good first step, eh!