Monday, April 26, 2010

Brain is rattling

Still struggling with this wretched lung cough. I had two migraine auras today, and now I'm up late because I've got the heebee jeebees, likely from taking Ventolin right before bed.

Plus, truth be told, I'm effing hungry. However, I have some WW points left, and presumably I'm supposed to use them all, so I'm going to get some freaking bloody cereal.

My interior whine was tripped up momentarily when I went on Facebook and saw that my friend in Australia also has a cough, and she just cracked a rib. I'm thinking a single cracked rib beats a migraine aura/heebee jeebees combo platter (see, I am hungry).

I'm also very, very worn out from the coughing. And since I'm in truth be told mode, I'm also irked and tired of the incredible big effort cough/pee in pants combo.

I figure this is a sample of what getting old is going to be like.

And on that happy note, I go get some cereal.

PS: both items in my combo have foundations!

Heebee Jeebee Foundation

Migraine Aura Foundation

(I wonder, can I "fan" them on Facebook?)

(PPS: I don't really want to "fan" them. But the fact of the two foundations puts me in a better mood. Seems so ridiculous somehow.)

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