Monday, March 22, 2010

Up and down the Malahat

I'm still recovering from the magnificent vacation I recently took, vising family and friends out west. In addition to reconnecting, eating delicious food, and watching my son enjoy his extended family (and watching them enjoying him), I bravely drove up and down the Malahat - several times. I'm a scaredy cat driver, which should come as no surprise to anyone finding this blog through a search of the word "anxiety".

But my early driver anxiety was added to when I was 16, after I saw a head-on collision happen about 200 metres in front of me, on a curve in the road. I still get nervous going around curves when there's an oncoming car. Both drivers were killed; one of them was a girl who sat beside me in the sr concert band.

However, that was 30 years ago. And lots of progress has been made by, well, me!

Here's the drive - this isn't my video - I drove in a car, not on a motorcycle. And obviously, I wouldn't be fiddling with a camera while I drove this route anyway. You'll also note that the Malahat drive is absolutely beautiful. Charlie noticed waterfalls coming down the rock walls on several occasions. And despite the scary drive, it doesn't come close to the terror I experience on the 401.

At 1:59, you'll see the entrance to Goldstream Park - lovely park and wonderful visitor's centre - we go there every trip we take out west. The drive gets a bit scary, and stunningly gorgeous at 4:00 approaching an exposed curve (and you're usually passing a slow giant truck), and at 5:53 where there's no guardrail because there's a driveway - sorta feels like you might skid off into the air. And at 8:13, you'll see the turnoff for Spectacle Lake park - another wonderful place on this earth that I LOVE. At 9:07, see one of the lookouts for a great panorama. There's actually another great lookout a bit farther along the route.

And here's the drive, much faster, but lower rez. You can see the entrance to another panoramic lookout at 4:08.

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