Saturday, March 27, 2010


David Frum calls the U.S. healthcare initiative a "disaster".

No, not because it doesn't do enough or go far enough.

He calls it a "disaster" because it's a plan to actually provide healthcare to people.

Which he doesn't think is a good idea.

He does think providing things that blow people up is okay though.

Oops, he got fired from his "think tank".

No, not because it's mean to "think" the government shouldn't provide healthcare to people.

See, the people in his "think tank" also "think" the government shouldn't provide healthcare. (They "think" that if you're bleeding, you should always pay for your own bloody tourniquet. They also "think" that providing things that blow people up is okay.)

He got fired because he "thinks" the republicans let the government pass the healthcare initiative.

Huh? Wait a sec. If I remember correctly, the president of the U.S. is a democrat. I'm pretty sure democrats are supposed to "think" the government should provide healthcare. Maybe that's why it passed.

Not exactly a "disaster".

Monday, March 22, 2010

Up and down the Malahat

I'm still recovering from the magnificent vacation I recently took, vising family and friends out west. In addition to reconnecting, eating delicious food, and watching my son enjoy his extended family (and watching them enjoying him), I bravely drove up and down the Malahat - several times. I'm a scaredy cat driver, which should come as no surprise to anyone finding this blog through a search of the word "anxiety".

But my early driver anxiety was added to when I was 16, after I saw a head-on collision happen about 200 metres in front of me, on a curve in the road. I still get nervous going around curves when there's an oncoming car. Both drivers were killed; one of them was a girl who sat beside me in the sr concert band.

However, that was 30 years ago. And lots of progress has been made by, well, me!

Here's the drive - this isn't my video - I drove in a car, not on a motorcycle. And obviously, I wouldn't be fiddling with a camera while I drove this route anyway. You'll also note that the Malahat drive is absolutely beautiful. Charlie noticed waterfalls coming down the rock walls on several occasions. And despite the scary drive, it doesn't come close to the terror I experience on the 401.

At 1:59, you'll see the entrance to Goldstream Park - lovely park and wonderful visitor's centre - we go there every trip we take out west. The drive gets a bit scary, and stunningly gorgeous at 4:00 approaching an exposed curve (and you're usually passing a slow giant truck), and at 5:53 where there's no guardrail because there's a driveway - sorta feels like you might skid off into the air. And at 8:13, you'll see the turnoff for Spectacle Lake park - another wonderful place on this earth that I LOVE. At 9:07, see one of the lookouts for a great panorama. There's actually another great lookout a bit farther along the route.

And here's the drive, much faster, but lower rez. You can see the entrance to another panoramic lookout at 4:08.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sorry I missed this

... from last night's Oscar telecast. Watch Tina Fey and Robert Downey Junior presenting for best original screenplay. Tina Fey is a writer, which makes it work. Of course, the other thing that make this work so well is that their "bit" is well written AND well performed, and OMG it looks like they rehearsed it! What a novel concept!

Then they show the script appear in each nominated screenplay's scene on film. Wonderful.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

10-minute live blogging at the Oscars

Things I'm liking about this year's Academy Awards show at 10:42pm - presenters are now saying, "And the winner is..." instead of the recent years', "And the Oscar goes to..." The person who wins wins.

I'm liking the fact that the presenters are saying their whole bit each time, rather than nominees' names being pre-recorded. These folks are all actors, they all have to learn lines, it's good to see that they've learned them for this.

I liked Neil Patrick Harris - lovely performance with a sense of occasion - something this show has often lacked in the past. All these people get dressed up, planning for months, paying zillions for their frocks, and then, typically, a yahoo host yucks it up like they're doing standup on a university campus. Come on, you're Hollywood, put on a damn show! I didn't like Steve Martin any of the times he's hosted before, and I don't like him tonight for the same reason - he's not nice, and sometimes his humour is just plain old grumpy and mean. Years ago, when he was introducing Penelope Cruz, I was completely offended. Before she came on stage, he listed select titles of a few of her films - i.e. "Blow" and "Woman on Top" and then said something along the lines of, now doesn't that paint a picture in your mind. Not funny. What was even worse is that nobody even mentioned it the next day - I felt that in the feminism heyday of the 70s, his horribly offensive comments would've been news.

Also, didn't like Martin and Baldwin's opening "comedy" bit - why the roast? Why talk about Meryl Streep the entire time? They look grumpy - Martin in particular - that they don't have Oscars. We don't care about you - give us a show!

Anyway, maybe they should've let Alec Baldwin do it on his own - he's got great comedy chops on SNL and 30 Rock. Better yet, get a Broadway guy who knows something about putting on a live show in front of a live audience - like Hugh Jackman did last year - or like Neil Patrick Harris was doing tonight until - zip - he was gone.

I love the set - glamour, class, and I like the sparkles, of course. And all the circles - just like the Olympic rings. And the rack of old fashioned lamps that goes up and down, like that too.

I also really like Sandra Bullock's sparkly shiny dress - magpie heaven - she's not pretending this isn't a great big fancy-dress party - it is!

Also, the in memoriam segment - lovely to have a live human as a focal point, and James Taylor was sweet.

Okay, now better check out the dance number going on behind me (computer is in the dining room; tv in LR). Ballet nice. Long number tho.

Oh, and I liked Tina Fey's little red carpet interview with BenMo - she was nice to him and gave him her full attention, she was funny, and said (cuz she knew he's Cdn), hey great job at the Olympics you guys. Actually I love her. Revere her.

Wait, did they just cut off The Cove winners because the guy held up a sign about dolphins? Something awkward just happened there.

Tyler Perry, the guy presenting best film editing - is great! Funny, speaking big - I like that. It's the Oscars - be excited! Yeah! Get him to host next year. I remember years ago, every time they'd get Audrey Hepburn to present, I would think, now that's how to present an award - like this is the most special day of the winner's life.

Ah Martin and Baldwin come out again. Martin insults Baldwin again. Baldwin doesn't respond. I know for a fact he's thinking "this hosting gig isn't fun, I want to go home".

And now, I'm gonna turn this computer off and watch what's going on for the rest of the show - why is Michelle Pfeiffer, Colin X, Tim Robbins, etc. coming out? Gnight. I'm going to find out.

*cough* *cough* ahem

er, look. I'm in a little interview. Right here. Neat, eh? You can even click on the little thumbs up rating thingie at the top of their page.

That's all. They also asked me to reco three of my favourite bloggers (at least two of you know who you are :o)

Friday, March 5, 2010


I love working with good friends just so darn much. Some days, like today, squirrelling away at the office is a pleasure. There was tons of work to be done, but someone brought in Timbits, and there was also chocolate, a few laughs, and a nice cold glass of white wine at the end of the day.

Also sometimes when you work with good friends, you don't have to travel home by yourself. Which means that when the guy just two rows ahead of you on the streetcar gets up for his stop and exposes his ENTIRE BUM to those of us behind (no pun intended, REALLY) him, you can point it out and comment to your very good friend instead of just cringing in disbelief on your own. Makes it less gross somehow.

I seriously thought that you were supposed to make sure your underpants stayed up somehow, even if your jeans are hangin' low.