Thursday, February 4, 2010


So now I'm sick as a bear. I finally got to see a doctor, via a walk-in clinic at the Ph@rma Plus nearby. There were only three people ahead of me, and the doctor was nice and even gave me a bunch of sympathy, saying "Whoa, that throat looks really sore". She tested me for strep, which came out negative. But she said my lower right lung sounded back. So I'm on antibiotics, I bought some acidopholus, and I got her to write me a note for work.

Why didn't I go to my regular GP? Every time I called her office (she shares space with a bunch of other medical folk), the line was either busy or the voicemail said they were closed (sadly, the voicemail doesn't take messages). I know she's quite distressed about the admin sitation there, and well she should be.

In other news:
On Monday, I saw an ad for a new (I think it's new) radio station, based in Hamilton, called Vinyl 95.3 - which is right up my alley. Actually what attract my eyes to the ad was the font - check it out:

So I'm streaming it live right now, playing Innocence by Harlequin! I actually saw them at a high school dance in Gravenhurst - I even had a date (right, Kim?). Hearing that tune just makes me giddy.

OMG, they even take requests!


  1. You have an amazing memory--I don't know how you do it!

  2. It's funny, I didn't even know I remembered it - until I heard the song.