Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Enough whining about the TTC

I'm still not well, however, I did attempt to get to work, after sleeping in to try to get some energy back. At 11, I got up, got dressed, got outside and got on the bus, which came promptly. By the time we got to the subway station I knew I needed to go back home to bed.

So I called my boss, and got on the bus going home. The bus driver, a big guy with a crinkly smile and a long, blond ponytail, said a friendly good morning to me - which reminded me that the other driver had also done so - as do most drivers every single morning.

Which reminded me that the TTC staff I've encountered every day over the 20-odd years I've lived in this city - with very few exceptions - have been friendly, courteous, polite and ready to joke about the weather (cold enough for ya? hot enough for ya?) or answer questions.

The friendly driver today also gave directions to two young fellows travelling with a Lonely Planet guide to Canada (whoa! that's pretty general, eh guys), and when I got off the bus at my stop, he said, "have a good day, darlin'". I seriously like being called "darlin'", especially when I'm feeling like hell and am going back to bed.

There's so much in the news these days about the TTC's failings, and I agree it's way dirtier than it was back in the 80s. But when it's so underfunded, you gotta cut somewhere.

And the improvements must be acknowledged - like elevators in many of the stations - let me tell you, it sure was nice having those elevators back when Charlie was in a stroller. And accessible buses also are much easier to get in and out of, again especially when you have a stroller. And, we forget about this in the winter, but the air conditioning on not just the subway, but on most of the buses is pure ambrosia on a humid summer day.

So there. Three cheers for the TTC. I'm going to try to get me one of these buttons.


  1. Yeah, well they're not always so sweet, so let's not pretend otherwise.

    If you take a large pool of employees, like the TTC has, there is pretty good chance that a small percentage will be grumpy, rude people. And it's probably true that TTC employees are more visible to the public at large than the employees at a brokerage.

    But, still, let's not pretend it's all sweetness and light.

  2. Not pretending it's so. I agree that a "small percentage" are likely grumpy and rude. Which leads me back to saying, again, the TTC is not even close to being bad enough to constantly kvetch and whine about.

  3. Hardly "constant". Just going through a media cycle now, so it seems over-the-top.

    A good question might be why grumpy people get themselves into a line of work where they are going to have to interact with the public constantly.