Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Three little words

Here are the three words I'd like banned from the English language or at least see their usage dramatically reduced.

Veggies: C'mon, are we all still three years old being encouraged to eat our mashed numnums? No, we're adults with responsibilities! I'm trying, both personally and professionally, to stomp out every last ember of this word; instead, I, as a grown-up adult human, resolve to write out, or say as the case may be, "vegetables" - a much better word.

Gawd, why does everything have to be described as "sexy"? I was reading InStyle magazine while I was sick, and this word comes up in just about every ad and every little interview with a starlet who's asked to tell us what her favourite style of rubber boots, for example, are. Rubber boots are not required to be sexy. Nor are coffeemakers. Not even a cappuccino maker is sexy. In fact, neither is cappuccino. Truth is, very few things in this wonderful world are such, so let's allow those that are required to be so to do their job and leave things like rubber boots out of it.

P*nt*es: I can't even type this word, much less say it. But if you do say it, please think carefully about why you don't use a far less nauseating word, like "underpants" or, even "subwear". I vow to popularize "subwear".


1 comment:

  1. subwear: AND SO IT SHALL BE.

    I mean it. I'm using that word to the point of abuse forevermore.