Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sometimes I hate the interwebs

Here’s a pickle. This morning, in my fb "newsfeed", I noticed some questionable photos with lewd captions - among those "tagged" is my friend's teenage daughter. I know this because I’m on the kid’s “friend” list, along with several hundred others. Note that this kid didn’t post them – one of her friends did; she just got tagged.

Do I (a) tell my friend, who has asked me to keep an eye on her daughter’s fb activity? Or do I (b) confidentially tell the kid that I think the photos should be taken down? She's a very private kid, and will be mortified that I saw this.


  1. Ya gotta tell your friend esp since she asked you to keep an eye. Kim

  2. I did.

    First I emailed the kid, and she emailed back saying she'd take down all her tags. She missed a few (I just checked). So I told her mom.

    Teenagers, eh? So much fun.

  3. well, being on myspace since i was 16, i have to say- though inappropriate, you can report the tagged photos as abise and the myspace.facebook.social service will remove them, and then id tell said teenage girl's moma bout it so she can take any actions needed from there. they'll repost, but if your persistant they'll get the idea.

  4. Thanks, coalminer. I did tell her momma. And last night I received a heartfelt mea culpa from the teen, also saying she understood why I had to tell her mom. And when I checked her page and that of her friend, all the offending photos had either been removed or hidden. Which was the goal.