Saturday, January 9, 2010

The recital!!!!!!

Which means, of course, he's brilliant! He played very well at his recital, and he wore his new shirt and looked so grown-up and cute and handsome, and his bow to the audience was so shy and adorable I almost had to start screaming. And he looked so teeny up there, and the big shiny grand piano so, well, big and shiny!

Actually considering his shyness, it's remarkable how confidently he plays - pretty loudly, during the performance, actually! (In my real life I try my very best not to brag about my boy, but I have to do it somewhere so it has to be here.) The piece he played wasn't a hard one for him, and I think that's good - it mean't he didn't get particularly nervous, so the experience of the first recital was quite positive. Best of all, he was happy with how he did.

After the recital, which was in a church (as they all seem to be), we and all the other performers and players when downstairs to chat and mingle and eat treats. There was another piano down there - older, and not so shiny - but friendly. Once everyone left, Charlie got some more playing in, but this time, his own stuff, i.e., the "minor" version of Jingle Bells and Twinkle, and just some other stuff that he made up on the spot. M3I and Charlie's teacher came back into the room, which was cool, because I always want the teacher to hear more of Charlie's off-program music, so she has more of an idea of his capabilities.

I swear I'm not a deluded parent - he really is a wonder - he's got music in him, and it's just a joy to behold.

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