Monday, January 25, 2010

Pop pop pop pop culture, talk about

Bah, I woke up with a mighty cough. As I was typing the words "feeling better" yesterday I thought maybe I shouldn't be tempting the gods. However, being at home and watching tv this aft, plus some mindless clicking and scrolling has put pop culture top of mind.

Here are three things I find puzzling about pop culture this afternoon.

1. Conan O'Brien.
I've tried to watch him several times over the years. Conclusion: I can't do it any more. Final nail: Thursday afternoon, I was all napped out and happened upon the Tonight Show from the night before. He's going on about how he hasn't seen the m@$turbating bear in awhile, then it appears - a guy in a ratty bear costume starts diddling. Wow! Don't kick out Conan - this is great stuff! Conan's clearly thumbing his nose at NBC, so he brings out this bear from his old show. And his fans think this is further evidence that "Conan F*&^ing Rules!". But for me, that's it. No more Conan for me, ever. He gets no more chances. I don't particularly find Leno funny either. Which leads me to #2.

2. Late night talk shows.
Jay Leno, the two Jimmys, even David Letterman, tho he makes me laugh occasionally. Truth is their shows are terrible. The appeal is that their ain't much else to watch on at that hour.

3. Taylor Swift.
I have to side with Kanye West. He was rude, but made a good point: Taylor Swift's winning video is atrocious. Beyonce's Single Ladies, well, though I'm moving into old-fart-hood, her video is extremely cool. I even saw the guy in Glee perform it in his bedroom. Awesome!

That's all. My father in law is still in isolation, but seems to be doing okay, actually. Hope he gets to go home soon.

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