Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Maiden Heist, Jane Fonda takes it easy, and falling change

Despite the three of us having truly wretched colds, it's been a pretty good weekend. It's fun feeling a bit better.

After a restorative nap in the morning, Charlie and I went out to buy some overdue gifts, which took us to our favourite craft store. Charlie selected exactly the kind of thing I was looking for for my niece: a very grown-up-looking painting kit (when he's being a helper with a task, he helps out with great purpose and sincerity).

Other than all the colourful craft stuff, our main source of entertainment at the craft store was an individual who complained to her 3 kids about their horrible behaviour in a great loud voice for all the store to hear. To my eyeballs, the kids seemed okay - embarrassed by their noisy parent but actually being quite good-humoured about her complaining about them. I mean, I don't know what kind of day she'd had with them up til then, but telling the entire store that they were providing all us customers with a promotion for birth control was going a bit far. Kinda rude actually. Charlie just stared at her in disbelief.

Then we went out for a late lunch to one of our favourite brunch places. I let Charlie order waffles, which were bigger than him, practically, and you could get them with strawberries and bananas drizzled with chocolate, which we of course did.

We had fun together, and gave M3I a chance nap. We had the same routine today, my nap in the a.m., M3I's in the afternoon while Charlie and I went out again - this time to the coffee shop and then to Goodwill. I got an "easygoing" Jane Fonda tape. I'm feeling creaky and in no mood to feel the burn. But I do want an early morning exercise option to do while M3I is out at the pool/gym. My yoga DVD just puts me to sleep; it's far too soothing.

The Maiden Heist
M3I and I were awake enough last night to watch a gently amusing movie - The Maiden Heist - with Morgan Freeman, Marcia Gay Harden, William H. Macy and, startlingly, Christopher Walken, all playing security guards in an art gallery who have to face their favourite art pieces being moved to Europe. It didn't get great reviews, and it's not a capital-G-great movie, but it was enjoyable and it was precisely one billion times better than anything else that was on tv last night. So I'd say see it - it's sweet and if you've ever been transported by a painting, you'll like it a lot.

On the not good side of things, my father in law is still in the hospital - they were hoping to send him home on Monday, but he contracted yet another infection; this time C. Difficile, which put him in isolation. I personally can't think of anything worse than being trapped in isolation. However, once the zillionth antibiotic and (finally for chrissakes) a probiotic start to kick in, it looks like they'll use that window of relative health to send him home; at that point, he'll still be on IV antibiotic with a daily visit from a nurse to change it. We're hoping for his recovery, and then good weather and a nurse with 4-wheel drive.

Some years ago my brother got pseudocolitis (from the nuclear antibiotics perscribed after he had his wisdom teeth out) and nearly died. One year later, he relapsed, which made him seriously ill again. I don't get why doctors don't perscribe probiotics all the time. I mean, really, a few days of Zithromax will get the yeast gods cheering - something easily prevented by taking acidophilus.

In other news: I've now had accupuncture twice in my life - for my hands, which apparently have sprained ligaments (how can hands have ligaments? shouldn't they be handiments?).

This is not only from cycling with my handlebars too low - it's also because I have "stiff wrists", a condition that has not only injured me but prevented me from being an effective barmaid, since I can't bend my hand backk much at all, nevermind enough to hold a tray of draft. Is the physio and accupuncture helping? Dunno. My hands are still sore and stiff and on Friday, on my way home from a too-early trip outside for fresh air (I was too sick to go out, really), I stumbled and fell - mostly breaking my fall with my left hand. It's okay, but it didn't do it any good.

Falling change: a beef
Oh yeah, before I forget, I have a beef about falling change. If you work in a store or a coffeeshop or whathaveyou, I don't understand why why why you give me change by dropping it on top of the bills you've just laid in my hand. Happened again today - the change fell all over the place. I bloody hate that. I don't have a big hand and you dropped it from on high. Then you were gone, and I'm picking up change from everywhere. I realize there are many things in the world that are worse, but this bugs me to no end, largely because it'd be so easy to give me the bloody change first.

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