Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let Mother Nature do the work

All morning, along with the laundry, I've been doing a major kitchen clean-up, and because all that hot water and hot air was making me, well, er, hot, I opened the balcony door to let in the fresh, -10C breeze to cool down. On doing so, I noticed the turkey roasting pan sitting out there patiently waiting to be washed. It'd been there since roughly 10:00 p.m., December 25, 2009.

I stuck it out there in the first place because it needed to be soaked and it's too big to fit in the sink. Not only that, but our little kitchen had not a square millimetre of counter or even floor space to spare that night, and the bathtub was just way too sparkling clean (on account of the guests, obviously) to put a big greasy roasting pan in to soak. It was raining, which made the balcony perfect. We're up too high to worry about bears, wolves, raccoons, or even squirrels. Raccoons, however, could've done a nice job cleaning it up.

Back to this morning. I let the pan warm up to room temperature, then plunged half of it (again, too big to put any more of it in) into the kitchen sink full of hot soapy water. Then washed it with a cloth. And, voila: clean!

I didn't scrub. I just washed it like it was a sandwich dish. Easy as pie. I turned the thing around and washed the other half the same way. It got so clean that even the old baked on grease came off. It's currently sitting on the countertop, gleaming, and waiting for M3I to come home tonight.

It seems all that rain and snow and sun and extreme cold temperatures did the trick. Thanks Mother Nature!

In other news: early this morning, Charlie wanted to know if he could ask me a question. "Sure", I said. "Is that the question?" (Ar-ar-ar!)

"No, it's a real question. Do you think you'd be happier without me?" He said this is a tone heavy with, 'I really want to know'.

"What?!!" I said.

"Do you think you'd be happier if I wasn't here. Cuz kids are a lot of work because you have to take care of them all the time."

As I covered his darling, soft, sweet face with kisses and gave him a long warm hug, I informed him that having a kid is FUN! FUN! FUN!" He looked a little doubtful, and then laughed. Relieved? Not sure. We'll see.

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