Sunday, January 31, 2010

The expression "sick as a dog" is weird, i'n't it?

We are a miserable lot here lately. The three of us - most recently Charlie - are sick with the most horrible, nasty cold I can ever remember. About an hour ago, his ear joined in the misery, along with his red eye, juicy cough and stuffed up nose. I put a drop of olive oil in his ear - a friend of mine, who's a veteran of ear infections says this helps to relieve the pressure. I sure as hell hope so. Anyway, after I put the stuff in Charlie's ear, I held him and he fell asleep in my arms within a few minutes. He's sleeping in his room now, with the humidifier going full blast.

As for us, well, M3I is still coughing and fatigued, and I'm still coughing as much as before, with this wretched thing now going on since the night of the 20th.

We're not without good news, though: my father in law is home. He's got an IV running antibiotics, but he's home.

And, though Charlie's sick as a chihuahua, he's still very cheerful, active and wants to play games and race - and he took his medicine - some rotten-tasting chewable acetaminophen. I've tried them and they're horrible, and they make him shudder. I'm sure when I was a kid medicine tasted way better. My folks used to give us Benylin, which had to at least have had sugar in it, way back. Plus, I dunno, codeine? Alcohol maybe? I have no idea, but it used to taste good and feel warm and make us go to sleep.

Since the Canadian Pediatric Society has said a big fat No to giving kids under 5 anything for coughing - and I swear Charlie coughed about 15 times a minute yesterday - I gave him what I use (being a year-round allergy sufferer) - I gave him some Trident gum. And each time he chewed some, it stopped or slowed down the coughing for at least 10 minutes or so; it works for me.

One reason the CPS doesn't want kids to get cough suppressants is that coughing is useful; its purpose is to clear mucous (ah, now there's a word!). But jeez, when the coughing gets painful and he's exhausted and keeps getting woken up by the coughing, it's so stressful and worrying.

Charlie's coughing again.

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