Friday, December 4, 2009

The wretched logjam is broken

I've had the weirdest experience here at the office this week, of having some stuff, but not really much stuff, to do. The effect is not that I suddenly have time to run out and do my Christmas shopping and get all my other errands done, but rather I've been getting absolutely nothing done. I've been rendered incapable of forming a sentence or a even an unwritten complete thought.

Until this morning - hurrah! I rolled in around 10:40, since M3I attended Charlie's parent-teacher interview this morning. And I got to sleep in and hang around playing cards with my boy.

And hurrah-hurrah!, the logjam broke. One of my colleagues gave me an article to input, something I haven't had to do for years. The act of typing it in turned my brain back on and I got the article input and the two other writing jobs done in record time. These couple of ordinary tasks have been flopping around driving me nuts for the past few days.

In other news:
I located some old university friends - and it's made me so happy. I'd previously only been in touch with one - Laura - and after she passed away there really was no one to mourn with. Sadly, I had to tell one of her old roommates about her death, and she's really really upset, of course. But hearing about my old pal's lives over all these years (close to 25) is wonderful.

One of these friends told me she was so happy to hear from he because she'd always been grateful for some encouragement (long forgotten by me) I gave her back then, that lead her to complete something she'd dreamed about. I am happy and humbled.

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