Monday, December 14, 2009

Participate in P.D. Martin's new book

Imagine being a writer who's brave enough to actually take suggestions from her readers.

My friend P.D. Martin (I call her Phillipa), writer of the Sophie Anderson series of books, is conducting a very cool, interactive experiment - you get to influence the plot of her next book.

Check out her Welcome Page, work your way through, and vote!

Phillipa's a wonderful story teller, and you will love (or feel intense loathing for) her characters.

My review of Body Count, the first of (so far) five books in the series:

Man, the first night I was reading it, I was so creeped out I kept checking the balcony before I turned out the light.

There were so many things I loved about this book -- all the little character details that made me feel the characters were real people. And the dynamics of all the meetings were so true to life. And I also really liked the teamwork. You know, like, Krip's a bit on the lazy side, but not really a bad guy, and somehow I could just picture Cousins, and Sam and Sophie and Rivers and Josh -- and Darren Carter.

I just loved it that there wasn't just ONE obvious love interest. I don't think I've ever read a detective-type novel where a women protagonist actually might have some choice -- it's great! Oh, I also thought it was a neat and freaky detail that the killer cleans out all his potential victim's fridge's of past-due items. I also like how Sophie's uncomfortable and embarrassed about her visions and premonitions. She's not all caught up in her own fantastic mysteriousness.

It's a great, creepy story.

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