Monday, December 21, 2009

Dream a little dream

Last night I dreamt I was trying to light my cigarette, but the way they make matches now(in my dream, that is), in this era of non-smoking, is an outrage (in my dream, that is)! The main problem is that they didn't have enough of the red stuff on the tips, and the little bit that was there kept crumbling off.

Finally, I got the match lit, and the wind blew it out (obviously I was outside; no smoking inside, eh).

Eventually I got another one lit and to keep the flame going long enough to light my cig, I cleverly lit my fingernail, and used this as it burned, to light up. Ah, bliss (in my dream, that is)!

IRL, I don't actually smoke. Weird.

Speaking of weird, during my journey in to work this morning, there were three subway delays - As I ran down the stairs to catch the train, I heard the tail-end of the first delay announcement; then two more, both as a result of the "passenger assistance alarm being activated". What was going on? A band of ne'er do wells activating alarms in a synchronized attack?

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