Monday, November 30, 2009

Weird, but normal

The ultrasound tech said he saw nothing of concern - it looks like my lump is normal tissue. In a couple of days, the radiologist will look at the screen captures. So I'm reassured for now.

The cool thing is I got to see my elbow joint - actually both of them, since he was comparing them. Freaky.

The other bonus: that's my first ultrasound with an empty bladder!

PS: Now I'm having a holy sh*t, PTS comedown. You discover a lump - it happens just like that - and it's either okay or not okay. A friend of mine, just this weekend, lost one of her friends to cancer. I'm gonna go take a stress-tab, pack up my stuff, and ride home now.

Funny, lumpy me

We are, inadvertently, hosting Christmas dinner for the entire family. If we try to visit everyone, it'll mean driving great distances many times in bad weather.

Thanks to me trying to be funny, I emailed family members asking them what we-all should do, getting-together-wise. However, tacked on the fun, ludicrous (I thought) idea, that we should gather at our small, crowded, overheated apartment, making it a big pyjama party - because obviously we don't have room for people to stay over and no family members live in town any more.

Everyone responded with great enthusiasm. M3I, the cooking member of our partnership, not so much.

In other news: I have a weird bump on my arm - I'm getting an ultrasound to see what it is at 1pm today. It should be a cyst, but we're making sure.