Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My husband has made the most delicious soup I have ever had in my entire life. I am not exaggerating.

Hub, who I'm going to refer to, intermittently, as M3I, made pumpkin soup yesterday and while it was delicious yesterday, it is ambrosia today.

The recipe? I haven't the foggiest. I know my sister in law made us a version of it at Thanksgiving that she got out of a cookbook and amended it, then sent the details to M3I, who put his own wonderful spin on it, and what we've ended up with has made my day, week, month.

Re: my sad rant from yesterday, I committed the sin I was complaining about, going on and on about things I really know little about. I was also ranting about the folks posting on the websleuths site, and that's not fair either. I think that many of their speculations - particulary opinions of what the girl might have done based on a very cursory look at this neighbourhood - are weak, only because I know the area in question much better than they do. Which leads me to:

There's no valid reason I know of to rant at the police and their proceedings in trying to solve this rotten situation and find this girl. I don't have their files, or their expertise. Just a lot of reading of Sue Grafton. That don't make me a detective.

I saw a fellow slumped against a building yesterday. It looked like he was asleep, and there was a group of lunching construction workers nearby. So I figured he must be with them and he must be asleep. Nothing more.

However, his slumped body looked uncomfortable; not a likely sleeping posture. And he was there on my way to the bank and he was there on my way back to the office. But still, the construction workers were there, so he must've belonged to them.

It bothered me. We're all encouraged to be aware of our neighbours. We all live in this city together and we should all look out for each other. I felt like I was being cowardly for just walking on by yesterday.

So I went out there again this morning, just praying he wasn't still there in that odd position. And he wasn't and that's good, but I'm not going to let a whole night go by like that next time.