Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A refreshing change from the ujjjh

Write, write, write. Edit, edit, edit. Grumble, kvetch, grumble. Email, curse, curse.

I do like my job, but lately the frustrations have been causing my eye to wander a bit. You know how they say if your relationship has a certain proportion of negative interactions over positive interactions, it's time for intervention before things hit the rocks? Well, I don't think it's that bad, but I truly needed a change of pace.

And got one this morning.

A big bunch of us at our office got to spend several hours volunteering at Foodshare, a totally cool organization with a mission to provide, teach about, make available, "Good healthy food for all."

Here's an example of why I think they're wonderful. One of the many, many, MANY things they do is to help enable community organizations to pull together the resources to host farmers' markets in neighbourhoods without great access to fresh food. There are huge sections of this city which while being planned communities, were designed for people who own cars. Meanwhile, many of the original residents of those neighbourhoods have passed on, one way or another, and there's a new population of people living out there - within city limits - who rely on public transit, which is very sketchy out there, and walking. Foodshare helps to bring farmers' markets right to these neighbourhoods, and with their financial support, make it worth it for farmers to set up. At least, that's how I interpreted the talk we got this morning.

What we did was move a ton of boxes, chat with each other, then chow down on a nutritionally complete, delicious hot lunch.

In other news:
On Sunday, Charlie and I went to the 20th annual Word on the Street book festival. It was our third annual, and we bought a bunch of cool magazines: Dandyhorse, Spacing Toronto, and, of course, Chirp! We also ate roasted corn on the cob, giant yams, hot dogs, tiny tom donuts, coffee and freshly squeezed lemonade - lemonade served by a remarkably good-natured busy young fellow standing in a giant lemon, surrounded by wasps. He'd been stung, but, as he said with smile, only once.

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