Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The hills are alive

It was a gorgeous day here, and I had a wonderful bike ride. Yesterday in my rush to get home on time, I rode up the Casa Loma hill instead of my new usual, Poplar Plains Road. Turns out the horrid Poplar Plains hill has given me some good training - I just zoomed up the ol' Casa Loma hill. It's thrilling to feel improvement in one's personal power!

Plus, more good stuff: I've been working very hard at improving my focus at work. Depending on the day, I'm often distracted by googling every tangent that pops into my head on any article I'm working on. But the past two days, I've been just stellar, if I do say so myself. It's hard - but only at first.



  1. Here's to mastering those uphill climbs at work, and at play! It's all the same idea: stay focussed and you're there before you know it.

    Miss working with you, bella! Keep doing the good stuff you do so well...

  2. Thanks, JC. I miss you too. Especially the other day!