Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another reason I love cycling

I saw an old friend from a former workplace today, while I was cycling to work; she was riding right ahead of me. I wasn't sure it was her until she turned her head a bit, then I called her name. It took her a second to recognize me - my helmet serves as a disguise - then we hugged and screamed and laughed and caught up for 20 minutes.

We also discovered that we work in the same neighbourhood, so for the rest of my journey, I had a cycling buddy.

This kinda thing just don't happen in the car, eh.

In other news: On my ride home last night, I once again spotted a huge pile of I-dunno-what in the middle of the road, causing cars to stop in puzzlement, and then drive way around it. Once again, I thought of my dear friend, GDAD, then pulled over and put up my kick-stand. Once again, it was a big brown smushed lawn clippings bag, only this time it was filled with twigs, mostly likely from the Aug 20th big storm.

Most of the cars going by, had their windows open and several people called out "thank you!" as I cleared it all away (it took about 4 trips to the curb). Another cyclist came along, and said, "that's very nice of you!"

Boy, I sure felt good. Thanks for the inspiration, Ms Good Deed a Day!

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