Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One very cool thing about today

I was walking to the bus stop (didn't cycle; air was too brown & soupy) this morning, and I noticed a guy nearby who seemed to be pointing his camera phone at me. I started to give him a dirty look but - just above my head on the railing was a gorgeous red-tailed hawk. I must've made an involuntary noise, and the hawk flew off - but just to the top of a light standard nearby.

How do I know what kind of bird it was? I asked the fellow with the camera - he said it's a hawk. Then we both continued on our way to our respective destinations and only then did I think I should've asked him to email me the photo he took of the hawk - gah!

Came home after work and checked our bird book and there, on the front of our book was my hawk, and on Page 54 in the Birds of Prey section, it says it's a red-tailed hawk. How cool is that? I have never seen one that close before.

Here's another very, very cool thing. Charlie's been playing the piano for me; in fact, he's playing right now. But just after dinner, he was going right to town playing a groovy tune I've never heard him play before. It was ridiculously awesome. I can say it in my blog: that child is seriously talented.

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