Wednesday, July 1, 2009

O Canada

What a FUN DAY!!!

This morning, Charlie and I went to the Science Centre, and stayed til after 4. We saw EVERYTHING, and even had a picnic on the park grounds behind it. We have a family membership there, and it's money well spent, I tell you. We put paper fish up the air thingie, we saw a 14-foot python, we saw fish, we played on a zillion different games and activities, we had pizza, we got rained on in the rainforest, we hid in the cold, dark cave, and then bought a Canadian flag and Maple Syrup lollies at the gift shop.

I actually woke up around 6:30, thinking I had to get up to go to work. Nothing is better than realizing it's a holiday, rolling over and going back to sleep.

My hub's making his famous potato salad (oooooh, bliss, makes me love him so much), and lo and behold it's been a gorgeous day, not the horrid rainfest we were expecting.

Later, we're watching fireworks from the balcony.

Happy Canada Day.

Okay, Kim, I dare you not to get chills at this one:


  1. That's just not fair, ML! I was already teary yesterday with your posts. KJ

  2. This one even has the old Hockey Night in Canada theme. *sigh*

    I miss you!