Thursday, July 16, 2009

The hug-me tree is back!

I've been passing this decorated old dead tree for years, and then suddenly it was gone. Apparently knocked down by a car.

Elicser, a Toronto artist who's been painting this groovy landmark for ages, and had it rescued. He even had a vigil for it after it got knocked over. Here's more on the story. And more. And even put it up in the ROM. Nice, and very cool, since he got to paint a mural around it, but does such a thing belong in the ROM? Maybe the AGO. But seeing it on the street is what always made me smile.

Then, I'm pretty sure I saw a papier maché version of it briefly (yes I did). Then it was gone again.

But this morning, there it was, in the very same spot, secure in a sturdy metal base. So I hopped off my bike and took a pic of it, since I have my camera today for the company picnic (we staffers were instructed to bring our cameras to participate in a game event to track down stuff gone missing). Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera cables, so can't load the photo til I get home tonight. My beloved bike's in the photo too, to the right of the hug-me tree :o)

It made me so happy to see that tree back where it belongs.

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