Monday, June 1, 2009

Chased by rainbows

After I put Charlie to bed, I came into the kitchen, lit a candle and washed the dishes. And then I wrote this posting - on scrap paper! with a pencil!

Pourquoi? Everyone at work is supposed to pledge an action that will benefit the environment. In a burst of enthusiasm I joined the eco task force, which then meant (as I saw it) that I needed to lead by example and do something nobody else would do.

My pledges:

a) Thirty days of "Earth Hours", which is why I washed and wrote by candle light.

b) Inspired by my super-fun trip to G00dwill last month, I decided I shall not purchase anything new (other than consumables, e.g. toothpaste, food, etc.).

So far, so good: I didn't buy anything at all today, not even a coffee, never mind new shoes. And my hub joined me in solidarity by cranking up the lantern to read by.

Now a photo: Beauty and the Beast (or, Rainbow and Highway), taken in the rear-view mirror on our way up north on Friday night.