Sunday, June 14, 2009

O beauteous Round Room, contain me

Nearly twenty years ago, back when I was working at the Maclean Hunter building at College Park, my boss told me that very nearby, in fact, on the 7th floor of the oldeer section of the building, there was an amazing old concert hall with fabulous acoustics (tho he did not use the word "fabulous" - ever).

I'd never heard of it because it'd been closed down and closed off for decades. And then what was known as (from what I can gather) the Seventh Floor of College Park was restored to it's former Art Moderne glory, and opened as the Carlu in 2003, named after its original designer, Jacques Carlu.

And this week, I got to see it for the very first time.

The conference I was attending was situated in the concert hall - it was so beautiful! And on a break, I snuck into the glorious Round Room, one of the most special, and most gloriously atmospheric spaces I have ever experienced.

Here is the main hall, looking as it looked in the 30s.
And here it is today (photo, unfortunately not taken by me, but by this talented photographer)
And, the wonderous Round Room in its day.
And now (also taken by talented fellow, but don't worry, I vow to get back there with camera). This is what it looked like to me - I was in there about 10 a.m., all alone. I had this beautiful place to myself.

As for my Earth Hours, they're coming along nicely. Some nights I've stayed awake and been able to do two. We have lots of big windows, so if there's any light outside at all, it comes in.

As for my not buying anything new, I got my dad a father's day present in my favourite old used book store. Plus we got Charlie some almost-completely brand new shoes at a second-hand kids' clothing store.

However, I did buy a brand new bike seat yesterday. I thought a lot about it beforehand, but my old one is doing me an injury, which was quite evident after riding for 3+ hours last weekend. And since my beloved bike is also my transportation to work, and it's clean transportation even compared to the Fit, I'm looking at it like I would a car repair. I'm going to try out the new seat tomorrow.

Everything's well and good, there's even a rainbow outside right this very minute. But I spoke to my mom earlier this evening and my dad spent the night in hospital, again. Don't know what's wrong. He's home, but I don't like it.


  1. Sorry to hear about your dad. I'm sure he's going to be fine esp since they sent him home.
    So jealous that you saw the Carlu (alone!). Glad you included pictures. Wow! KJ

  2. I wish you could've been with me, KJ!!