Monday, June 29, 2009

The machine

I'm alternately feeling excited about my upcoming days off and long weekends, and overwhelmed at how much work there is on my plate these days.

The work is pretty much all writing, rather than editing, and the thing about that is that sometimes writing takes a lot longer, and sometimes it just doesn't come easily. I like it though, but on days (like today) I struggle to maintain my focus.

Other times, after a good stretch of rampant productivity, my brain gets rubbery and it's difficult to draw out any more material from it.

But the deadlines don't care.

Tomorrow, I have to pull off a small miracle. I had a mini panic-fest once I realized just how much I'm gonna have to churn out. I've done it before though. I have to keep telling myself that.

I've done it before means I can do it again.

I just did a little search for a cool 70s typewriter image. We used to have this exact typewriter! (photo is from this delicious website: Typewriter Museum) I did all my university essays on it, and, in fact it saved my bacon one time when I had to type up a paper during a power outage. My upstairs neighbour could hear me (it was loud cuz you had to whack it really hard), and came down to see if he could borrow it after I was done; he had a paper due the next day too and his electric was useless. Those were the days, eh? I still remember how sore my baby fingers would get. But don't you miss the ding? And the carriage return. I love typewriters.

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