Thursday, June 18, 2009

I think that was a test

This post should be read with the sound of commercialism, globalization, and third-world manufacturing NOT being encouraged, while looking at these coins, knowing that they were not spent today.

This is the story, in five parts, of a test that I passed. But with surprising difficulty.

Part I. I've always had a hard time finding shoes that fit my funny feet properly, and that don't hurt. Even when I was little, shoes seldom fit me properly, yielding weird bumps on my heels and the sides of my feet.

My feet are small and wide with very high arches and teeny piggies. My baby toes are usually squished inside my footwear. And in recent years, I developed(?) got(?) Metatarsalgia on my left foot, which is very painful unless I wear shoes that fit and support me just so. The situation also meant I had to give away most of my shoes.

Part II. I made a pledge to not buy anything new for the month of June. So far, so good.

Part III. At lunchtime today I noticed one of my colleagues putting on her coat and grabbing her purse. She is also a dear friend and I'd eaten my lunch during a seminar, so I was keen to get outside, away from the office. I asked her where she was going, and she replied, "W1nn3rs." Before she had completed her uttering of the word, I'd grabbed my coat and umbrella. Wisely, I left my wallet behind.

Part IV. Items I saw, coveted, and decided I wanted to buy today at W1nn3rs: Cool, fun hair extensions ($8.00), a gorgeous, beautifully striped beach towel (I forget the price, but it was a deal), a lovely cream/green/beige chenille bath mat with a little mini mat ($19.00 for both), both of which would match our bathroom and I should point out that our current bathmat's rubber backing is getting kinda crumbly, and two WONDERFUL pairs of shoes that a) fit, and b) looked good, and, best of all c) didn't hurt.

One pair were coppery-coloured ballet flats. I've always always always LOVED ballet flats, but because of my metatarcal problem, most of the ones I've ever tried on hurt my feet terribly. The other pair were cool, black, awesome Hu5h Pupp13s with flowers imprinted on them. My friend did point out their similarity to the my current shoes I was holding in my hand. BUT the Puppies were about $70 cheaper than the my current ones (which are wearing out; really, and I can only get them way, way over at the Eaton Centre). The thing about W1nner5 is that it's pretty much hit and miss whether you find shoes in your size that fit, feel good, look good, don't hurt, etc., even if you don't have funny feet with the metatarsal thingie issue. And sometimes when you go back for something you didn't buy, it's gone.

Part V. I left them all. I didn't buy any of them. Not the hair, nor the towel, mats, or shoes.

I know that some people when they do the "don't buy anything new" thing exclude things like shoes and underwear and stuff like that, classifying them as necessities. But I didn't set up such a rule when I made my pledge. And it's been pretty darn easy for me up til now, largely because I don't go into the stores. I haven't so much as resisted temptation but avoided it.

I want the shoes.

My colleague, who, did I mention is also a dear friend, bought me a cafe mocha before we went back to the office.

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