Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How I'm doing on my green pledges

This month was proclaimed Green Month at work. I thought it was a great idea, and I joined the team. Everyone was to make a pledge and carry it out for the month. Here's the progress on my two pledges.

Pledge I. Buy nothing new. Since June 1, I've bought four new things: two bicycle seats, both of which I'm taking back because neither of the new seats are alleviating my poor bottom's ache; a jackknifey tool thingie for hub for Father's Day, which I'm also taking back; and, just today, I purchased a new sun hat for Charlie for tomorrow - and I think it just looks too weird on him to send him out into the world with it on his adorable head. In sum: I bought four things, and I have to take them back, all four of them.

Kinda weird, eh? Like the retail forces are trying to help me fulfil my pledge. That being said, I still want a bike seat that doesn't injure my coccyx, I still want hub to have that tool thingie to replace the one that was lost, and Charlie still needs a hat (the kids' used clothing store only had teeny hats that didn't fit).

Pledge II. Do 30 Earth Hours. This meant turning off all the electric stuff (except the fridge), and gathering one's thoughts while saving some power - a la the big famous Earth Hour in March. I did 15 of them. And then I stopped. For the sake of fulfilling a pledge, I wish I'd continued. But for my own sake personally, I decided to stop. I was tired of sitting alone in the dark; it was bumming me out, like, a lot. Charlie and my hub were both on board for quite a few of them, but then hub wanted to get stuff done and Charlie eventually objected to brushing his teeth by candlelight.

So, I turned on the lights and hung out with my hub and kid.

Anybody remember this? Better yet, anybody have the 45?

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  1. You are too funny! Congratulations on 15 earth hours. I don't know how you did it! The day is already too short. Kim J.